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Structural Rehabilitation


Structural rehabilitation is a manual repair procedure for the repair, mending and sealing of accessible sewers, shafts and special structures. Depending on the requirements, tried and tested systems and approved materials are used.

Our people are well trained and have the necessary certificates.

Sealing with mineral mortar system

  • Reprofiling and filling of defects or local water infiltrations in accessible sewers and manholes with a cement-based mortar system.
  • Repair improper inlet connection areas
  • Repair of shaft ring and masonry joints
  • Repair of damaged berm and channel surfaces
  • Filling of cracks

Injection procedures

The different injection methods offer us the possibility to deal with the individual damage patterns of the structures in a targeted manner. The injection methods are mainly used for concrete and masonry structures. They are mainly used for the repair of sewer profiles, manholes and special structures.

The most important technical applications are:

  • Stopping external water ingress

  • Frictional grouting of cracks and joints

  • Masonry stabilisation and filling of cavities

  • Sealing of structures – “curtain injections”


The coating of shafts, tanks, special structures and pipelines can prevent groundwater ingress and increase the physical, chemical and mechanical resistance of the surface.

Surface preparation by means of ultra-high pressure water jetting or sand blasting forms the basis for the subsequent corrosion protection, reprofiling and coating work.

The final coating is applied either by centrifugal or manual application, depending on the application. Mainly cement-bound building materials are used, which are suitable for the respective application.

Manual repairs

The manual repair work includes, for example, the repair of local damage, the rehabilitation of inlets that were not properly integrated, the repair of defective shaft channels or the replacement of damaged climbing aids.


Especially for the rehabilitation of basins, structures but also shafts the lining method is often used. Prefabricated panels made of polyethylene or GRP are mechanically anchored to the existing building substrate and the panel joints are welded or laminated. Spacer studs then offer the possibility of insulating the resulting gap between the structure and the lining with highly flowable mortar.