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Ultra-High Pressure Technology

Slider-Wasserhöchstdrucktechnik ULTRA-HIGH PRESSURE TECHNOLOGY

In trenchless pipe rehabilitation, regardless of which method is used, the careful removal of separating substances (old coatings, deposits and rust) is an essential prerequisite for successful rehabilitation. With the ultra-high water pressure method, the pipes are cleaned with up to 2500 bar and this requirement is fulfilled.

Operation of the ultra-high water pressure cleaning process

The water milling machine consists of a rotary union with exchangeable rotary milling heads for nominal pipe diameters from 80 mm to over 1400 mm.

The water milling machine is driven by a press water generator with up to 2500 bar. The energy density of the water at the nozzle is so high that a water temperature of 50 to 70 °C is reached.

The position of the nozzles in the milling head creates a high air flow in the pipe. This transports the removed material and the dirty water out of the pipe in the direction of the “black side”. The pipe is simultaneously dried on the “white side”. The advantage of the ultra-high pressure water milling cutter to be able to adapt to different requirements and objectives of the material removal is achieved by

  • the regulation of the motor speed to drive the pump,
  • the distance between the nozzles and the surface,
  • the number of nozzles
  • the change of the rotation speed by adjusting the nozzle angles to the surface,
  • the dwell time or feed of the rotary milling machine.

In addition to the milling machine with accessories and the press water generator, the complete system also includes the high-pressure hose with a hose pushing device specially developed for this purpose.