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About us


Esders GmbH and Esders Pipeline Service GmbH

Based in Haselünne in the Emsland region of north-western Germany, Esders GmbH has been developing measurement and device technology, software and system solutions for the gas and biogas, water and sewage sectors for suppliers, pipeline constructors, installers, service providers and industry since 1989.

The company’s own office and production building is home not only to development and production but also to sales and service. It is a principle of our house that we are available to you as a competent contact for maintenance, functional testing and repair of all devices. This principle also applies to our services provided by Esders Pipeline Service GmbH with its locations in Bielefeld and Hamm. We support you in trenchless pipeline rehabilitation routine! In the field of landfill technology, we are in the lead with our vast experience and the technology systems and processes we use.

Esders Solutions

Our many years of experience at domestic and international level enable us to offer you individual advice and problem solutions. Problem solving means that you do not only receive a measuring device, but also practical accessories which are matched to it and which enable you to carry out your tasks efficiently. An example of this is our extensive range of accessories for pressure tests in the gas and water sector according to DVGW G 469 or W 400-2.


Esders Pipeline Service GmbH has been awarded the quality seal for the manufacture, maintenance and repair of sewer pipes. Our problem solutions include close-fit procedures, CIPP lining, robot filling/pressing procedures and the ultra-high pressure cleaning of pipeline systems. We are certified according to DVGW GW 301, DVGW GW 302 and DIN EN ISO 9001 and SCCP and can offer you all solutions for the construction, renewal, repair and integration of pipelines in the gas and water sector. No matter whether you need the rehabilitation of gas, water or sewage pressure pipelines by means of close-fit procedures, lining with fabric hoses to be glued in, glass fibre reinforced needle felt liners or renewal by pipe insertion – we are the right partner.

Production in Germany

Without exception, Esders GmbH manufactures its products in Germany and we are certified according to ISO 9001 and ATEX 2014/34/EU. Another certificate that is very important to us is the “Emsland Seal of Approval for Family Friendliness”. For us this does not only mean sustainable personnel development and personnel policy, we simply want our employees to be able to combine work and family life well and to be happy.

Over the past 30 years, our family business has specialised in the fields of gas detection and gas measuring technology and water leak detection. The main focus of our work is on pressure measurement technology and test systems for gas measurement and gas warning devices. With our products, we want to contribute to safe pipelines and thus also to the preservation of resources. We see the services in the areas of trenchless pipe rehabilitation, landfill inspection and cleaning provided by Esders Pipeline Service GmbH as a meaningful extension of our expertise with a view to protecting the environment and increasing safety for people.

Our Customers

Our customers include leading chemical and petrochemical companies, energy supply companies and landfill operators as well as service providers and contractors in the gas, water and oil industry. Since fast workflows and the documentation of measurements and inspections are of great importance, we offer you various state-of-the-art system and software solutions.

In cooperation with you, we offer you individual customisation options in many areas. The people involved in solving problems are all thoroughbred technicians – family-friendly technoholics who like to go ahead, develop fantastic plans for the future and enjoy and appreciate life in the northwest of Germany.

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