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Esders Pipeline Service


Esders Pipeline Service

Esders Pipeline Service GmbH, based in Bielefeld, specialises in trenchless pipe rehabilitation. With currently 35 employees, the main business of the company is cured-in-place lining (CIPP) and the close-fit method for pressure and high-pressure pipes. We also specialise in high-pressure cleaning and visual inspection for sewer and landfill pipes.

Aging pipelines often show defective sections of pipe or severe impairments due to contamination. The rehabilitation of such sections, cracks or leaking pipelines requires a lot of time and money. This is precisely why our trenchless pipe rehabilitation is an effective solution for carrying out these problems without major traffic disruptions, noise or a lot of time.

We offer different rehabilitation methods, so that depending on the application and problem, the appropriate technique is used. Repairing without a long interruption of operations – that’s the way it should be!

Pipe Rehabilitation

There are different methods of rehabilitation of pipelines. In general, we differentiate rehabilitation into the following categories:

  • CIPP lining methods for pressure pipes
  • CIPP lining methods for gravity pipes
  • Sewer Rehabilitation


The basic prerequisite for pipe rehabilitation is the prior intensive cleaning of the systems, which is the only way to assess the actual condition. Defects such as misalignment, cracks or root ingrowing are documented by a camera run. This information is used to analyse the actual condition. It can include one of the corresponding pipes or a manhole inspection with a gas warning device. Only after the analysis of these results the rehabilitation can be planned.


High-performance cleaning vehicles for ultra-high-pressure cleaning of landfill pipes

Drainage pipes located in the area of the landfill are exposed to tough requirements. This includes thermal loads and high load pressures as well as an increased potential for incrustation and clogging of the leachate openings. This can lead to impairments of use or even to failure. For this reason, these pipes must be inspected at regular intervals by camera runs with explosion-proof sewer cameras. The structural condition of the drainage pipes, the degree of incrustation, the pipe temperature and the settlement of the landfill base are documented by height measurements. In order to enable a useful camera run, an appropriate cleaning of the pipe is indispensable in advance!

We have special equipment available for this purpose, which meets the special requirements in this area of application.

The special suction-flushing- vehicle allows examined pipe lengths of up to 800 m without intermediate manhole. Enormous suction heights are achieved with the aid of a powerful suction system.