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The exact inspection of the pipeline and the professional assessment of its condition is the basis for successful pipe rehabilitation.

This is followed by a thorough cleaning of the affected pipelines, which prepares the pipe rehabilitation work. The manholes must also be inspected and cleaned if necessary

The tightness control and pressure test of the pipeline are another important part of the inspection. Only when all this work has been completed and analysed, the rehabilitation can be planned.

We offer all services in the field of:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Manhole Inspection
  • Landfill Inspection

Visual Inspection (TV Inspection)

Landfill drainage systems must be inspected by the legislator at regular intervals. The use of explosion-proof inspection systems is absolutely necessary to prevent ignition of potentially explosive landfill gases. Modern systems for optical inspection are equipped with explosion protection and can reach inspection lengths of 300m – 600m, depending on the condition of the landfill. Wheel or caterpillar drives are selected depending on the pipe material or the state of construction.  With the help of the camera systems, incrustations, deformations, position deviations and other damage patterns can be recorded digitally. The respective sensors simultaneously record the temperatures and the height and inclination of the pipe sections. The recorded and extensive inspection results, according to the current standards and regulations, are transmitted to the respective clients, engineering offices and authorities for evaluation or as proof of legal conformity.